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Deep Sea Diving Vessels

Diving Vessels


Our diving vessels are the heart of our business and we meticulously maintain them to ensure that they serve us and our clients without a hitch. Legacy’s ever expanding diving vessel fleet is just one of the things that keeps us one step ahead of the completion. From shallow water projects to the deepest saturation projects, legacy maintains some of the finest diving vessels in the industry.


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DPSV Adams Vision

Adams Vision DPSV The DPSV Adams Vision is a Dive, Multi Support and Construction ship, designed to meet the needs of the offshore subsea industry. The ship is equipped with very efficient azimuth thrusters and a DPII dynamic positioning system for safe and economic operations on a world wide scale. The vessel has been fitted with a 9-man saturation diving system rated at approximately 1000’, with 3-man bell, hyperbaric rescue chamber and supporting air dive system. The ship, with its diesel electric propulsion system and optimized hull lines, is designed for low fuel consumption and excellent sea-keeping. The high focus on reduced fuel consumption also means lesser emission to the environment. The vessel was originally designed according to the class notation “Clean Class,” “COMF-V rate 3” and built according to DNV’s new notation “NAUT OSV.”

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DSV Sun River

Sun River DSV Many Diving Contractors have 4 point DSV’s; they are one of the most prolific diving platforms in the GOM. There is however a quality and capability that sets Legacy’s 4 point DSV apart from the others.

The DSV Sun River has a proven track record of the capability of the vessel to be utilized as a platform for laying pipe. The Sun River has laid pipe in water depths of up to 150’, with a tensioning machine installed on the deck and a made for purpose stinger that attaches to the stern of the vessel to maintain the proper angle as the pipe makes the transition from the surface to sub-sea. There are very few 4 point diving vessel’s that can make this statement.

The Sun River has sufficient accommodations to berth welders, x-ray personnel as well as the dive team. Once the pipe line is laid the non-essential crews can be demobed and the dive vessel can continue to hang risers and perform the tie-in or hook up work as well as the hydro-testing. All of this performed from one vessel at a substantial cost and time savings versus the use of a lay barge.

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