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Saturation Diving


Saturation diving has become the pinnacle of the diving industry. Saturation diving has moved into the shallower side of the market with jobs starting at minus one fifty down to minus one thousand feet. With Saturation Diving moving into shallower and shallower depths, the high profile jobs of today’s industry demand the use of Saturation diving. With the huge time and cost savings passed on to you, Saturation Diving has become the most efficient way to accommodate the ever-growing labor-intensive decommissioning projects we are involved in these days. Legacy is truly an innovator in Saturation Diving, with the only green vessel in the gulf, not only are we tops in performance, but tops in cost savings as well.


Saturation diving allows divers to safely perform subsea diving work for long periods of time.


Legacy Offshore has successfully conducted over 806 days of Saturation Diving Projects from inception. Our Professional and Safety objectives allowed us to support the needs of our Clients, who highly recognize our ability to act on impulse for Well Control assemblies and/or Pipeline Abandonments.


Our Adams Vision is a DPSV, Dynamic Position Saturation Diving Vessel. The vessel has a 100 ton heave compensated crane with a SAT System on board rated at 1000 ft.